Uratex On The Importance of Hospital Room Amenities
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The Importance of Hospital Room Amenities in Ensuring Patient’s Proper Recuperation

The Importance of Hospital Room Amenities in Ensuring Patient’s Proper Recuperation

Hospitals have always been looked forward as a safe shelter for people who need medical attention. Especially nowadays during the pandemic, our medical industry has been the most involved and overloaded in terms of taking care of the covid-infected patients, making sure the protocols are followed by health providers, and the constant reminder of the importance of properly observing the precautions to avoid being infected. On top of all the challenges they are facing, the recuperation of all the patients and providing high-quality medical services, whether due to covid or not, is always the number one priority.

To properly care for the patients, hospitals need to take the necessary efforts in order to provide a safe medical facility and a less stressful environment. Aside from proper monitoring of patient’s condition, it is vital that the hospital room amenities are being taken into consideration as it is the primary place where the patient stays during the healing process. Here are some of the amenities inside a hospital room that patients need:

1. Clean bathroom
Patients or not, all people need a clean comfort room. Bathroom is an important part of every hospital room, and it is a must especially for patients under medical condition. Hospital bathroom should have an ample space for patients with limited physical movement or those that requires assistance, such as those patients in wheel chair.

2. Visitor’s couch/ bed
All admitted patients requires someone who can stay with them while in the hospital, be it a relative, a friend, or a trusted caregiver. Given their situation in a hospital, the support and presence of a companion makes them feel safer and more comfortable, that is why it is important to have a separate couch or extra bed inside the patient’s room where their companion can rest during the entire hospital stay.

3. Television/ Wi-fi connection
In the current era of technology, almost all people requires electronics and internet to be able to connect anywhere at anytime of the day. That is why it is understandable for patients to request for rooms with television as well as wireless internet connection. During the hospital stay, patients may get stressed and dispirited, so a little entertainment such as television and wifi connection can make them feel more at home. It will also be helpful for patients to be updated to what is going on outside, and being able to contact their relatives online will make them feel better.

4. Good bed–good mattress
Study shows that patients are willing to pay a little more to be able to stay in a room where they won’t feel like sleeping in a hospital facility. Aside from appropriate medical services, a good and relaxing sleep plays a vital role in patient’s healing. That is why it is important for hospitals to invest in hospital beds and mattresses that will allow patient’s prompt recovery while giving them that comfortable rest and overall pleasant hospital confinement.

Theracare Collection by Uratex is a collection of specialized comfort mattresses and pillows designed for hospital use. These hospital mattresses are made to accommodate your patients’ need for a mattress that can provide a combination of comfort, relief and support. It is a collection with special castellated foam which ensures that the mattress adjusts properly to a wide range of profiling bed frames. It also helps prevent bedsores or pressure ulcers.

Theracare Fiberfill Pillow offers a variety of fiberfill pillows from superior quality polyester fibers. It comes in various sizes and filling weight for that preffered plushness. It can be part of patient admission kit as a disposable pillow for sanitation purposes.

Make sure your patients receive the right care and medical needs by giving them adequate amenities to make their hospital stay worth-while. Check out our hospital solutions here https://business.uratex.com.ph/product-category/hospitals/

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