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We understand how every element is essential in building businesses.

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Uratex for Business is a trusted brand of premier business accounts in the hotel and hospitality, automotive, restaurant, and catering industries, as well as known leaders in educational and health institutions.

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Uratex for Business serves as a key supplier to the country’s leading hotels, resorts, and other lifestyle properties.

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Our success comes from the unceasing trust and patronage of our valued clients, and they share with us their own success stories.

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Hospitals and health centers are known as institutions that promote wellness. With Uratex line of hospital beds, mattresses, pillows, and chairs, you're contributing to your patients' and caregivers' overall well-being by giving them the care they need.

  • Hospital Comfort Mattress

    Hospital Comfort Mattress

    Designed to accommodate your patients’ special needs, this collection provides a combination of comfort, relief and support in a premium-quality mattress.

  • Hospital Basic Mattress

    Hospital Basic Mattress

    We at Uratex want to contribute to the betterment of your patient’s recuperation. Give your patients a comfortable stay with our basic hospital foam in leatherette mattress.

  • Hospital Topper and Protector

    Hospital Topper and Protector

    Uratex Hospital Toppers and Protectors provide various firmness level and protection to your hospital mattresses, thus helping your patients recuperate more comfortably.

  • Fiberfill Hospital Pillow

    Fiberfill Hospital Pillow

    Provide the best in-patient care with pillows made of 100% fiber and covered in microfiber fabric. Its material transports moisture to deliver softness your patients deserve.

  • Special Foam Pillow

    Special Foam Pillow

    Designed to cater to special needs of patients with medical condition. These pillows are sturdy yet comfortable and are made to use in specific patient’s body parts to allow healing.

  • Classic Monoblock Chair

    Classic Monoblock Chair

    Uratex Monoblock Chairs offer durable, affordable, and convenient furniture. Ideal for everyday use, these chairs are stackable, and would make great additions to any rooms.

  • Acoustic Foam

    Acoustic Foam

    iSound Acoustic Foam is made to optimize sound performance in closed structures such as music studios and even larger venues to alleviate slap and flutter echo.

  • Gang Chair

    Gang Chair

    Ideal for waiting areas in offices and other facilities, Gang Chair is made of plastic bowl-shaped seat made of 100% virgin resin with either glass fiber or calcium for durability.

  • Foam Mattress

    Foam Mattress

    Achieve that goodnight rest or quick nap with the best Uratex Foam Mattress, the Mabuhay mattress. These all-foam mattresses are developed to promote healthy sleep.