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Uratex Business Products

Food Container

Ready-Wrap Food Containers by Uratex are the smart food storage and packaging solutions because its food-grade, microwavable, and freezer safe. Ready-Wrap are great for business and home use.

Food Container and Packaging Manufacturer in the Philippines

All food business owners, restaurateurs, catering, and other food services know that keeping their products and ingredients fresh, and storing them in an orderly fashion is extremely important to have a well-organized kitchen and to deliver the best quality of food to their customers. That’s why food storage containers are an essential part of managing a food business, as certain ingredients need to be protected from moisture to preserve their quality. Using the right types of food containers also benefits the operations of the food business, allowing for more systematic space management and easy access to what is needed.

Uratex for Business, through its Ready-Wrap division, is the leading provider of high-quality, microwavable and freezer-safe plastic food containers for businesses in the packaging and food industry. Our Ready-Wrap containers are made from 100% virgin plastic material, BPA-Free, and designed with airtight technology to extend the shelf life of ingredients and maintain their freshness. For many years, we have been a reliable manufacturer of these storage solutions and we produce quality and safe food containers while providing excellent customer service. Capitalizing in our expertise on brand building and product innovation, we will stimulate demand from the market and drive more sales to your customers, thereby creating better business for you. Aside from food container, storage, and packaging use for businesses, Ready-Wrap is best for home use as well.

Types of Ready-Wrap Containers by Uratex

Food storage containers come in different shapes and sizes, with each having its specific use. Uratex has developed two types of Ready-Wrap containers for the efficient storage of food products.

  • Microwave-Safe

    Uratex for Business offers microwave-safe Ready-Wrap containers equipped with a reliable plastic material to resist an extreme amount of heat. This convenient feature helps businesses with to-go services to allow their customers to take their food on the go, knowing that it is stored safely and ready for reheating.

  • Freezer-Ready

    The freezer-ready Ready-Wrap containers developed by Uratex provide longevity for frozen foods such as meat and vegetables. This allows restaurants, hotels, and other food establishments to stock up on ingredients without any worry.

    Uratex Ready-Wrap containers are available in three shapes: rectangular, spherical, and bowl. With several options to choose from, businesses can store their ingredients according to type, shape, size, and volume. Rectangular containers are great for storing meats, the bowl-shaped containers are perfect for storing vegetables and other freshly-cut ingredients. The spherical containers are very useful for soups and broths.

  • Biodegradable

    Ready-Wrap by Uratex is excited to launch our newest biodegradable food container collection! These containers are microplastic-free and compliant to DOST-ETV and PNS 2104 standards, which certifies that the material used degrades naturally and is environmentally safe, thus reducing the use of single-use plastic containers.


    Each Ready-Wrap container also comes with a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from. Options include:

Container Shape

  • Rectangular
  • Spherical
  • Bowl


  • Clear body with clear lid
  • Clear body with colored lid
  • Black body with clear lid
  • Colored body with colored lid (Red, blue, green, purple)
  • Natural body with natural lid (translucent white color)

Packaging Per Box

  • 50’s x 10
  • 10’s x 30
  • 7’s x 24
  • 5’s x 24


250mL 850mL
350mL 950mL
450mL 1000mL
500mL 1200mL
700mL 1600mL
750mL 2500mL


  • Perfect for food packaging and cold storage for restaurants, food business
  • Can be used to store cooking and baking ingredients, and more
  • Customizable label and paper sleeves
  • Food grade and BPA Free
  • Reusable, durable, and stackable
  • Microwave safe (Clear, Black, Colored)
  • Freezer safe (Colored)

Why Use Ready-Wrap Food Containers?

  • Perfect for food packaging and cold storage for restaurants and other food businesses
    With the Ready-Wrap containers’ airtight technology, our food storage options prevent ingredients from getting unwanted moisture and help keep liquid contents from spilling out. This is especially useful for food businesses that utilize online delivery services.
  • For storing cooking and baking ingredients for mass production
    Businesses that require intense preparation can benefit from the Ready-Wrap containers because they can assure that the ingredients will keep their quality and freshness until the day of production and service.
  • Customizable label and paper sleeves
    A big part of making a business successful is establishing identity and branding that will establish its reputation and position in the market. Ready-Wrap’s customizable label and paper sleeves are the perfect way for resellers and distributors to promote your business’ offerings.
  • Food Grade and BPA Free
    For the food business owner, the safety and health of the clients are a primary concern. Our Ready-Wrap containers are BPA-free and safe from any harmful and reactive materials that can contaminate and affect the quality of the food products.
  • Reusable and stackable
    Using stackable food storage containers is an efficient way to maximize the space in the kitchen. Its reusable material is made from safe plastic resin that is dishwasher safe and can be used as reliable storage for other items aside from food.

We Are Looking For Partners And Distributors Nationwide!

Contact us at +639178051698 today and be an authorized partner of the most trusted microwavable food container manufacturer and supplier in the Philippines. Call us and learn which Ready-Wrap container best suits your business.




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