Keep Your Food Fresh & Clean Through Proper Packaging and Storing
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Keeping The Food For Your Business Fresh and Clean through Proper Packaging and Storing

how to safely store your food

Keeping The Food For Your Business Fresh and Clean through Proper Packaging and Storing

how to safely store your food

Food safety is an essential part of running a new food business. In the last year, we’ve seen a lot of food and beverage establishments open, especially by home cooks who are successfully making a name for themselves in quarantine with their delicious creations. As businesses expand due to online orders, new restaurateurs are also buying more ingredients and supplies. These need to be properly stored and preserved to achieve food safety and deliver quality goods to all customers.

Storage is also required for take-out and delivery orders. When businesses take the time to make sure their products are sealed, it allows for easy transportation and protects the integrity of each product. It also ensures the separation of harmful chemicals, particles, or bacteria, even if the food is being moved via third-party courier services around the city.

Food safety is critical to the operation of any food business – large or small. Improper storage can lead to undesirable results that can affect the business’s reputation, so you need to plan wisely for where you store and how you intend to keep your food and ingredients.

Qualities to Look for in a Good Food Storage Containers

It’s important that you make your choice based on the needs of your business. You should only consider food-safe containers, which means that the material used to make them is either safe for human consumption and reuse, and can come into direct contact with food.

Features you should look for include:

  1. It is airtight 
    By placing food in airtight containers, you will help keep them fresher than leaving them in a box or bag. When it comes to contact with air, fresh foods can become overripe or sometimes unusable if you wait too long to use them. By having them secured in an airtight container, the freshness lasts longer.
  2. It is resistant to moisture and vapor
    Excessive moisture absorption can lead to product spoilage and deterioration. This can occur with even small changes in relative humidity. Moisture can condense on the surface of a product and this can lead to many common food defects.
  3. It is durable and leak-proof
    Leakage is a common problem with low-quality food containers, even if they claim to have airtight handles. You want to ensure that no matter what may happen to the food, it can remain sealed and leak-proof.
  4. It won’t become brittle or break at low temperatures
    Ideally, you should only have containers that can withstand extremely hot temperatures, especially if you’ll be reheating certain sauces or foods in the microwave, after storing them from the refrigerator.
  5. Resistant to oil, grease, and water
    It’s important that your container is resistant to various liquids, food acids, and oils to maintain its clarity, especially if you’re storing freshly-cut fruits and vegetables.
  6. It protects food from absorbing chemicals or odors
    A food-grade container is one that does not transfer non-food chemicals into the food and does not contain chemicals that would be hazardous to human health.

The Uratex Business Solutions Ready Wrap Containers

Uratex for Business produces Ready-Wrap containers, our line of smart food packaging and storage containers. They may be used for storing soup, cooked meat, vegetables, fruit, snacks, and desserts. Ready-Wrap is food-safe, microwaveable, and freezer safe, so it’s perfect either for reheating dishes and keeping ingredients or frozen goods in the fridge. It is also durable and can be reused after proper cleaning.

Ready-Wrap is available in three shapes: rectangular, spherical, and bowl-shaped, offering different options for a variety of foods that need to be stored.

The bowl shape is perfect for storing vegetables, salads, and other fresh ingredients. It can also be used if you want to store the baking dough in the refrigerator. The rectangular shapes are great for meats, while the spherical shapes are ideal for storing soups and broths.

Each Ready-Wrap container is reusable, durable, and stackable so you don’t have to keep spending money on new containers. They are also microwaved safe and easy to close, with leak-proof caps on all sides.

Tips to keep in mind for storing your food containers

It is very important to prepare food safely to prevent the spread and growth of harmful bacteria. Follow these simple but effective tips to protect you, your customers, and even your employees from the spread of harmful bacteria.<

  • Keep raw and ready-to-eat foods separate to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Make sure food storage containers have not been used for anything other than food, and wash and sanitize them before use.
  • Store food in areas specifically designated for food storage, such as refrigerators, cold rooms, pantries, and food storage rooms
  • Never store food on the floor or on pallets or in areas with chemicals, cleaning equipment, clothing, or personal items
  • Practice “first in, first out“: when you receive a shipment, put the new inventory behind the existing inventory. This way, you’ll reduce waste by not storing goods that are past their expiration date. Use the stock at the front to always use up the oldest products first.
  • Know the appropriate temperatures for the food you are storing. Keep track of temperatures and discard food that is stored at the wrong temperature.

Food Safety Starts with Uratex for Business

Entrepreneurs need to make sure that food safety is at the top of their agenda when they open their business. And you can do that by choosing quality containers from Uratex. For more than 50 years, Uratex for Business has been providing businesses and households with food packaging and storage options for every need.

Learn more about our food containers, or contact Uratex for Business and we’ll be happy to help you assess your needs.

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