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Food Storage

Ready-Wrap Containers by Uratex are the smart food storage and packaging solutions. It is perfect for food packaging for soup, cooked meat or vegetables, fresh cut fruits for snacking, and sweet desserts. Ready-Wrap is food-grade, microwavable, and freezer safe so it's both perfect for reheating dishes, and storing your ingredients or frozen goods in the fridge. It is also durable and can be reused after proper cleaning. These containers are great for business and home use.


  • Microwave Safe
  • Freezer Ready

Container Shape:

  • Rectangular
  • Spherical
  • Bowl


  • Clear body with clear lid
  • Clear body with colored lid
  • Black body with clear lid
  • Colored body with colored lid (Red, blue, green, purple)
  • Natural body with natural lid (translucent white color)

Packaging per Box:

  • 50’s x 10
  • 10’s x 30
  • 7’s x 24
  • 5’s x 24


250mL 850mL
350mL 950mL
450mL 1000mL
500mL 1200mL
700mL 1600mL
750mL 2500mL



  • Perfect for food packaging and for cold storage for restaurants, food business
  • Can be used to store cooking and baking ingredients, and more
  • Customizable label and paper sleeves
  • Food grade and BPA Free
  • Reusable, durable and stackable
  • Microwave safe (Clear, Black, Colored)
  • Freezer safe (Colored)