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Uratex for Business is a trusted brand of premier business accounts in the hotel and hospitality, automotive, restaurant, and catering industries, as well as known leaders in educational and health institutions.

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Uratex Inside Program offers 3 year foam warranty through its UIP Partners

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Uratex, which is known for its superior quality and durable products, is the leading and trusted brand of foam to consumers and businesses for more than 50 years in the Philippines. It continuously expanding its expertise to cater also to various businesses and industries through its Industrial and Institutional team, better known as Uratex for Business, with its commitment to providing the best innovative solutions. As the well-known heritage brand of foam, below are just some of the invaluable benefits of choosing Uratex for your Furniture Business.


  • Trusted-Quality Foam

Uratex foam attests its advanced qualities and technologies as we adhere, provide, and deliver superior comfort and support with what we call Quali-5 Cellular Technology for a world-class quality standard. 

What does a Quali-5 Cellular Technology signify? First, we prioritize strong adherence to quality with our high-quality foams and mattresses with our very own Uratex Quality Assurance Program. Second, we had an ISO 9001 Certification, assuring you that we comply with strict, regulatory requirements for an effective Quality Management System to compete locally and internationally. Third, we have state of the art machine and equipment through a partnership with Hennecke, a leading German machinery brand. Fourth, with our world-class formulation and process engineering dedicated to continuously make use of the latest innovations in foam and sleep. And finally, our best usage of raw materials from international credible suppliers. 

  • Specially-made for the Furniture Industry

The quality and world-class standard of Uratex for Business which is evident in the products and services it offers has amassed the confidence, esteem, and trust of consumers. We specialize our foam by offering classifications from plush to medium to firm depending on orthopedic needs. We also modify and conform the foam to every body part support from an arm-rest cushion, backrest cushion, and seat cushions which required varied characteristics for furniture. Furthermore, we are a proud member and are lauded by the renowned furniture institutions namely Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP), Pampanga Furniture Industries Foundation (PFIF), and Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation Inc. (CFIF). 

  • A foam for every furniture type

We design the best quality of foam to par with the quality of furniture, and there are a wide range of foams to choose from. Each foam has its series or groups for your furniture ranging from the overall comfort level and firmness to match its intended body part support and from high end to low-end variants. Therefore, finding the right ergonomic support and material to use is our guarantee to you. 

  • A High End to Low end Foam Collection for your needs

Uratex is versatile to all furniture sectors. We offer selected high-end foam series and we provide Uratex Inside Program (UIP) certification to certain 144 sofa units through our 3-year warranty with over 19 UIP partners. Our UIP models are available in all Uratex Showrooms and major distributions like Our Home, Abenson, Abenson Homeplus, All Home, and Road shops. We also feature selected foam series for local furniture makers and businesses alike. 

  • Customization of Foam as per Furniture Requirements 

Uratex foam has a strong orientation towards customer satisfaction by offering customization to your preferred size, shape, and color. We provide cut to size requirement, 44×80 or slab sizes, and contour or with design to match and conform to every part of cushion support on furniture. These are all reliably delivered as a whole product package as per customer requirements. 


Achieving a superior quality and durable Furniture piece is possible to any business enterprise with these 5 worthy benefits of a Uratex foam. Uratex has the perfect foam for any furniture of every budget and needs through cutting-edge science and premier standards. Be sure to explore all of the foam collections to know the right one for your needs. For more details on our solutions for the Furniture Industry and more, visit our page

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