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Uratex for Business is a trusted brand of premier business accounts in the hotel and hospitality, automotive, restaurant, and catering industries, as well as known leaders in educational and health institutions.

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Uratex for Business serves as a key supplier to the country’s leading hotels, resorts, and other lifestyle properties.

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Uratex Inside Program offers 3 year foam warranty through its UIP Partners

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For more than 50 years now, Uratex continues to be the leading manufacturer of foam products because of its superior quality and durability. Its commitment to provide the best innovative solutions, combined with its ability to produce superior quality products paved the way for its expansion and partnerships with various businesses and industries, including the Furniture Industry. Uratex has been a trusted partner of furniture makers because of the following reasons:

  • Quality Foam

To ensure that the foams we manufacture have world-class quality, we adhere to the Quali-5 Cellular Technology. The purpose of these guidelines is to see to it that we have strong adherence to quality assurance standards, use state-of-the art equipment and machinery, use world-class formulation and process engineering and raw materials to give our customers the best quality foams for their furniture needs.

  • Trusted by Industry Leaders

The quality and world-class standard of our foams has amassed the confidence, esteem, and trust of well-respected industry leaders. Because of this, we have built solid partnerships with renowned furniture institutions such as the Chamber of Furniture Industries of the Philippines (CFIP), Pampanga Furniture Industries Foundation (PFIF), and Cebu Furniture Industries Foundation Inc. (CFIF). Aside from this, our products have also earned the nod from award giving bodies such as the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand Award and other certifications and associations like Certification International ISO 9001:2015, International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), CertiPUR among others.

  • Foams Made for Every Furniture Type

As a brand that specializes in foam manufacturing, we understand the need for different kinds of foams to cater to different types of furniture. To meet the qualities of a good furniture, we make sure that our foam selection is not just limited to a few choices. Instead, we see to it that we have a broad portfolio for furniture makers to choose from because we understand that the foam needed for, say, an arm rest is different from the foam used for a backrest or a seat cushion. Currently, we have around eight selections of foam (each with its own number of classifications) for furniture alone.

  • Quality Foams for Different Price Points

Furniture makers know how important it is to offer products with different price points to cater to different markets. To help provide the variety and quality needed for a well-made furniture, we have made our foams accessible to all sectors by offering them at different price points. We have select foams made with state-of-the-art technology for the high-end market and we also have more affordable options for the mass market which all go through our stringent quality procedures.

  1. Customizable Solutions

Uratex foam has a strong orientation towards customer satisfaction, which is why we offer customizations according to your preference. You can request to have it cut according to your size requirement, request for a specific contour or design, or have the option to order it in 44×80 or slab sizes.

Achieving a superior quality and durable Furniture piece is possible for any business enterprise with these 5 worthy benefits of a Uratex foam. Be sure to explore all of the foam collections to know the right one for your needs. For more details regarding foam business solutions for the Furniture Industry and more, visit our Uratex for Business website.

For any questions or concerns regarding our products and services, feel free to reach out to Ms. Sheila at any of the following: 8842-6326 loc. 233 (landline), 0917 805 1698 (mobile), and (email).

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