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The Technology Inside an Exceptional Mattress

the technology inside uratex mattress

The Technology Inside an Exceptional Mattress

the technology inside uratex mattress

Have you stayed in a hotel or any accommodation where you experienced the most relaxing sleep you’ve ever had? Or have you ever wondered what makes that mattress display in a mall so comfortable to lie on that you are willing to buy it out of excitement even if it’s not on sale? As an end-consumer, we can easily tell by the feel of a certain mattress is comfortable to lie on or not, but as for the mattress makers, what’s inside and what makes it stand out is also very important, the foam layering, the fabric, the spring assembly, all the parts inside that were put together to create that one exceptional mattress that consumers will enjoy.

Uratex for Business has been well-known in the business of foam and mattress manufacturing for more than 50 years, and with expertise comes great products and solutions. As Uratex expands to more industries and offerings, they also supply high-quality materials for the bedding industry such as various foam grades and springs.

Here are the three important reasons why you should choose Uratex foam and spring raw material solutions for your bedding needs:

1. Technology and Innovation

Uratex has always proved to be the front-runner in terms of acquiring new foaming technologies in the country. Recently, with the aim of continuous innovation and technological advancement, Uratex acquired the best foaming technology available in the global market, the first in the country, biggest, most efficient, and top of its class foaming machine from the German company Hennecke GmbH. With this new technology and machinery, Uratex aims to serve more high-quality foams for the business and consumer needs. Aside from foam, the company also produces various springs such as the innovative pocket springs and the more traditional Bonnel spring.

2. Decades of Expertise

After more than 50 years, Uratex has consistently delivered good quality products and services to its business partners and end consumers. From its humble beginnings, it was able to surpass challenges and has continued to strengthen its expertise in terms of foaming and mattress solutions. To further support other industries, Uratex started supplying essential raw materials for mattress making which includes foam, spring, adhesive, as well as quilting services, and plastic packaging. These materials are manufactured locally and are readily available here in the Philippines, and have undergone the same strict quality standard that Uratex is known for.

3. Industry Leader

Uratex is not just a well-known household brand in terms of high-quality foam, the company also proves to be the industry leader in various business markets that it caters to. Whether you are a mattress maker or a mattress distributor, Uratex can provide customized OEM mattresses which you can rebrand, as well as raw materials for your own bedding business. Being a one-stop-shop manufacturer and supplier, you can always choose from Uratex’s wide array of business solutions. With its continuous expansion and advancement, Uratex also intensifies its partnership with local as well as global mattress distributors and manufacturers.

To learn more about the Uratex for Business offerings and other services for the bedding industry, you may visit our solutions page. You may also reach out to Ms. Joan at any of the following: 8842-6326 loc. 233 (landline), 0917 805 1698 (mobile), and (email) if you have any questions or concerns regarding our products and services.

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