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We understand how every element is essential in building businesses.

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Affiliates and Certifications

Uratex for Business is a trusted brand of premier business accounts in the hotel and hospitality, automotive, restaurant, and catering industries, as well as known leaders in educational and health institutions.

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Institutional Partners

Uratex for Business serves as a key supplier to the country’s leading hotels, resorts, and other lifestyle properties.

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UIP Partners

Uratex Inside Program offers 3 year foam warranty through its UIP Partners

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Select Bonnel Nimbus

Php 9,900.00 to Php 19,000.00

Even the most discriminating guests will surely feel pampered in this indulgent delight of sumptuous memory foam. The two-inch memory foam topper is known for its incredible comfort and therapeutic benefits.
  • Eliminates pressure points by adjusting to body weight, shape and temperature and by evenly distributing body weight over the foam surface
  • Relieves back pains that cause tossing and turning
  • Encourages proper spinal alignment
  • Contours to the curves of the body, delivering cushioning support to the heavier parts plus total comfort from head to foot
  • Improves air circulation and minimizes heat buildup for a pampering and uninterrupted sleep
  • Helps prevent bedsores
  • Nimbus comes covered in quilted jacquard damask fabric for a truly luxurious look and feel
  • Foam-encased bonnel spring for consistent firm seating edge
  • Firmer-high density foam that provides firm cushion for the back
  • Sumptuous layer of memory foam sensitive to body heat and weight, gently conforms to body
  • contours to relieve pressure point
  • 10 years warranty
  • Wooden bed frame
  • With or without caster wheel
  • Thickness: 13”
  • Length: 75”, 78”, 80”
  • Width: 36”, 39”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 72
*We can customize mattress according to your specifications.