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URATEX FOR BUSINESS, in partnership with the Executive Housekeeper’s Association of the Philippines (EHAP), conducted the first Philippine Housekeeping 2019 Bed Making Competition last March 16, 2019 at RONAC Lifestyle Center Magallanes.

Representatives from EHAP establishments showcased their skills and talent in proper layering and styling of Uratex hotel mattresses during the competition proper. Each participant is assigned with a timekeeper as efficiency is one of the criteria.

The event was fully attended by the EHAP members, the executive housekeeper, directors and staff from various hotels and accommodation establishments. Participants of the bed making competition were split into two categories, Category A for the Thematic Setup, and Category B for the Standard Setup. Each hotel housekeeper representative successfully showcased their skills and creativity in proper bedding setup during the competition.

(L-R) Establishment winners from Category A are Nuwa Hotel – City of Dreams, followed by The Peninsula Manila on 2nd place, and Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas on 3rd place. Winners of Category B are Midas Hotel and Casino representatives on the 1st and 2nd place, and lastly Aloha Hotel on the 3rd place.

“Needless to say, housekeeping is an important pillar in the hospitality industry. As a person who has some share of hotel stays, I would say that Housekeeping is the unsung hero of the industry..” , a very heart-warming message from Ms. Peachy Medina the Managing Director of Multiflex RNC Philippines Inc. (Uratex) during her welcome remarks.

Uratex and EHAP partnership through competitions such as bed making is one way to acknowledge the vital role of housekeepers and their skills in maintaining a high standard in the field of hospitality. The itself event was truly packed with learning and showcase of talents. Congratulations to the winners and see you all in the next Philippine Housekeeping Bed Making Competition!

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