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How To Know When Your Sofa Needs Repair

How To Know When Your Sofa Needs Repair

The sofa has become a staple not just in many homes, but in several offices, and various institutions, too. Whether it’s an heirloom piece from your family, a comfortable spot for shoppers in a fancy boutique, or a waiting area in the lobby of a corporate building, there comes a point in time when it either needs replacement or just repairs.

A sofa is typically good for 5 up to 10 years. Any number higher than that (or any factors such as spillage or rips) means a sofa definitely needs repair in order to be aesthetically pleasing for the room’s interior, provide comfort, safety for lounging, and serve its overall function. Here are the telltale signs to help you know when your sofa needs repair.

1. Appearance

Visible rips, discoloration, or signs that point to a damaged or weak cover can be a consideration that your sofa or couch is due for repair.

When choosing a fabric, consider its physical attributes and texture such as how it looks and feels and also the longevity, maintenance, and usage. Second, determine the pros and cons of the fabric. Cotton and linen can be challenging to clean even when treated. However, synthetic microfibers are a good option as they are stain-resistant. If you have a more refined taste, you may take a liking to wool and leather but for a heftier price. As for design, don’t just eye for trends and fads but go for neutral tones that are easier to mix and match with your throw pillows, curtains, and especially the room or space.

2. Creaking

When you sit or lie down, pay attention if the sofa makes any creaking sounds. If you hear any, this could mean that something has changed in the sofa’s frame and structure. A strong frame foundation is fundamental in ensuring that the sofa is safe and sturdy, so hearing creaking sounds can be a sign that it’s due for repair.

Wood is usually the go-to material when it comes to sofa frames because there are a lot of popular choices that are locally available such as Molave, Kamagong, or Narra. If you have the option to stretch your budget, imported ones like maple wood or oak would make great pieces, too.

3. Sagging

Sitting on a sofa is a simple and easy way to tell if it needs upholstery. When you sit on it and you get that uncomfortable sinking or sagging feeling, it means that the springs may have been worn out already. Be sure to reupholster it with a sturdier and more durable set of springs.

You’ll know that spring is of good quality if it’s firm and provides optimal support and foundation. Uratex for Business specializes in Nosag Springs that guarantee a sofa’s resiliency with its strong foundation and are one of the commonly used in upholstered furniture. Be sure to ask your upholsterer for a Nosag Spring especially for your valued sofa.

4. Discomfort

When you sit on a sofa and can feel the springs, this means that the foam above it is already thin and is no longer fulfilling its purpose. This happens mostly when the foams are too old or not of great quality.

Be sure to pick foam that’s specially made for furniture. Uratex for Business offers 8 different foam series and more than 50 foam variations that we especially manufacture and provide locally to furniture industries. With our assortment of foams, we can recommend different combinations that work best for your sofa design. We also have reliable raw materials like adhesives to help with your upholstery needs.

The Uratex promise to every customer: exceptionally durable products especially for your sofa. With all of these signs considered, we bet your sofa is as good as new!

For any questions or concerns regarding our products and services, feel free to reach out to Ms. Sheila at any of the following: 8842-6326 loc. 233 (landline), 0917 805 1698 (mobile), and (email).

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