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Uratex for Business is a trusted brand of premier business accounts in the hotel and hospitality, automotive, restaurant, and catering industries, as well as known leaders in educational and health institutions.

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Uratex Inside Program offers 3 year foam warranty through its UIP Partners

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The start of School Year 2020 is fast approaching and with the new normal, the inevitable shift to online learning is gradually being implemented in schools nationwide. Whether in school or at home, make learning more conducive with the right chair for all types of students’ learning activities. The Classmate Chair Series by Uratex for Business is the perfect companion for every pupil and student–here are its key benefits:

  • It’s made of the highest quality material

Uratex Chairs is the leading brand of plastic chairs in the country, particularly for school chairs. Each product is made using 100% Virgin Resin component and has undergone a strict fatigue test to ensure that the product is sturdy, durable, and functional for students. 

  • It’s specially designed for schools and other learning institutions

Uratex Classmate chairs are designed with the comfort and support of students in mind. All four variants are designed with a comfortable seat and strong back support and are also supported by either a durable metal steel base or a sturdy plastic to ensure it’s safe for students and will last for years. The chairs also come with an equally durable writing board and optional book tray. Since students are accustomed to using a traditional armchair, these chairs can still perfectly work even for online classes at home and can make learning conducive even in their personal space. 

  • It’s available in varied price points 

We are a plastic chair manufacturer catering to different types of learning institutions so we make sure to offer an assortment of products at different price points. Our plastic armchair products are accessible to all public and private sectors and levels to help provide a variety of quality well-made plastic armchairs. 

  • It allows customizable options 

Uratex is strongly committed towards customer satisfaction, which is why we offer different customization options for your armchairs. We offer options for both left or right-handed writing boards, chair parts and accessories, removable book trays, and customized colors.

Make the most out of online learning for every student with the help of Uratex Classmate Chairs. Uratex has the perfect armchair for every need and budget with its superior quality materials and excellent compliance standards. Be sure to check our training chair collections to know which ones fit your needs. For more details about this classmate or training chairs, CLICK HERE << or Contact us now.   

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