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Remember when the thought of spending Christmas in the middle of a pandemic was a little too crazy a thought to entertain? Unfortunately for us, we are now living what we couldn’t even bring ourselves to imagine many months ago. The holiday rush is actually good for business but we must do our part as responsible business owners to ensure that we do not contribute to the number of COVID-19 cases and instead help flatten the curve. Here are safety tips you can implement in your own businesses.

1. Have queuing areas outside the store premises

Ensure that customers maintain social distancing even while still outside of the store premises. Place markers where they can queue at a safe distance from each other or better yet have chairs ready for added comfort while they wait for their turn.

The Uratex Mirella and Mandy chairs are great for waiting areas in groceries, meat shops, or restaurants because they’re durable, lightweight, and stackable which means they’re easy to arrange and store before and after operating hours. The Uratex Gang Chair on the other hand is more for permanent use in government, schools, and other institutions’ waiting areas. 

2. Make seats more comfortable in waiting areas

If your business offers services like bills payment that would entail customers to wait for their turn, consider adding seat cushions to make them more comfortable, and the wait more bearable. The Uratex Seat Cushion is covered in water repellent, UV and stain resistant, washable, and quick dry cover so it’s easy to clean. It’s also customizable and easy to use. 

3. Check the temperature of customers upon entry

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the holiday rush, but remember that safety is still the priority. Make it a point to check the customer’s temperature and follow the guidelines This safety measure is beneficial for your customers and your staff.

4. Make customers fill out contact tracing forms

Everyone is in a rush to get their holiday shopping done but protocols should still be strictly implemented. Electronic or manual contract tracing is a must for every business.

5. Keep your store or restaurant clean at all times

With the number of people expected to double during the Christmas season, make sure to disinfect and thoroughly clean your store or office daily. Sanitize areas or things that are commonly used throughout the day–it demands more work than normal, but it can help prevent the virus from spreading.

At the end of the day, Christmas rush or not, business owners have the opportunity–and now the responsibility–to keep their customers safe and happy, especially with COVID-19 still affecting the lives of many.

For any questions or concerns regarding our products and services, feel free to reach out to Ms. Sheila at any of the following: 0917 805 1698 (mobile), and (email).

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