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Book A Hotel Staycation Instead of Having Family Reunions This Holiday Season

Book A Hotel Staycation Instead of Having Family Reunions This Holiday Season

With the pandemic still affecting millions of people, it goes without saying that following the safety protocols is still required. This means that if we can do away with gatherings and reunions with family and friends who don’t live with you, at least for the time being, please do so. Not only will you be doing yourself a favor, you will also be helping a lot of people be safe from a possible increase in the spread of the disease.

So instead of doing the yearly Christmas reunion with all of your relatives, opt for a hotel staycation with the people you live with instead. It’s more convenient and safer, too. In fact, the Department of Tourism released a list of mandated protocols for accredited hotels around the country–from arrival, reception, check-in and check-out, to rooms and housekeeping, to food and beverage, and more–to ensure that guests can safely relax and enjoy their time spent at hotels. Uratex for Business has partner hotels that are accredited in the list provided by the Department of Tourism. Even with these guidelines in place, it’s still important to be responsible guests and observe and follow the guidelines at all times.

Here are seven reasons why going on hotel staycations with the people you live with is wiser to do than the yearly Christmas gathering with family and friends.

1. Convenience and Lower Costs
There are a lot of staycation places within close proximity, therefore it will take less transportation to get there which, in turn, saves both time and cost! Make sure to take advantage of special promos especially since the holidays bring a ton of amazing deals.

2. Staycation anytime, anywhere

Planning a staycation instead of the usual celebrations and festivities during the holiday season saves you a great deal of pre-planning. Instead of whipping up a feast and preparing for your yearly traditions that require a ton of planning, you can easily spend it on a staycation which you can book anytime, anywhere, regardless of the season, weather, and occasion.


3. Holiday Celebration Minus the Clutter
Staycations entail no mess and clutter unlike your typical celebrations at home or the usual festivities in the office, thus you have more time to relax and enjoy the moment. This holiday season, treat yourself to a well-deserved break.

4. Good for the Local Economy

With the pandemic affecting the country particularly the hospitality industry, going on a staycation helps your very own local community bounce back, which in turn can also help the economy.


5. No Work Leave Required
What’s great about staycations is it can be done on weekends, which is especially beneficial for you if you have already used up all your leave credits. Plus, in case you really have to work remotely on the day of your planned staycation, at least you’ve got a luxurious spot where you can work from home.

6. Ultimate Bonding with Loved Ones
For those who are not fond of big parties, the staycation this new normal is the perfect option to spend the holidays in a more private manner–with your family or a special someone!

7. The Best Slumber Experience
This year, without a doubt, has been challenging on so many levels. The best way to unwind is to definitely catch up on quality sleep. You deserve the ultimate relaxation experience with a staycation like no other. Good thing a lot of hotels use our Uratex Hotel Premium Collection Mattresses because believe it or not, a good mattress is all you need to turn a good hotel staycation into the best 2020 staycation ever.

To learn more about the Uratex for Business accredited hotel partners, click here for more details.
For any questions or concerns regarding our products and services, feel free to reach out to Ms. Sheila at any of the following: 0917 805 1698 (mobile), and iimktg@uratex.com.ph (email).

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