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The pandemic has made us even more conscious of the importance of being with other people. We are making progress in terms of dealing with the pandemic so it’s important that we continue to follow safety protocols. Big gatherings are still strictly prohibited, but for companies who are throwing small company parties for employees who report to work, it’s important to maintain a high regard for safety by following these reminders:

1. Preparation Precautions
Simple yet disciplinary ways are crucial for company-wide celebrations. Make sure your guests have undergone testing before they come and have them fill out a health declaration form. It’s also important to implement necessary precautions such as socially distanced tables, chairs, and provisions for handwashing and sanitation with readily available soap and alcohol, among others.

2. Alfresco Dining
If possible, opt for an outdoor setting for your small events. Besides lessening the spread of airborne pathogens, a greener aesthetic can also be refreshing for the eyes and mind. It’s definitely a breath of fresh and safer air!

3. Use Earth-Friendly Disposable Cutlery
The pandemic safety measures emphasize the need to reduce communal contact and touching of surfaces so it’s only fitting to use disposable but earth-friendly tableware or ask guests to bring their own and serve individual meals instead of the traditional buffet style.

4. Drink Wisely and Responsibly
Consider crafting more fun, nonalcoholic beverages like mocktails. If wines or beers will still be served, offer an array of nonalcoholic beverages like water, sparkling juices, or sodas to counter dehydration and absorption of alcohol–plus it’s easier on the budget, too.

5. Use Uratex Monoblock Chairs for Safe Distancing
Ensure your guests are properly social distanced without the hassle and discomfort with our Uratex Monoblock Chairs. Here’s why our monoblock chairs are a wise choice: they’re durable and made with 100% Virgin Resin, lightweight, and stackable–definitely made convenient for any type of venue or celebration.

Follow these easy-to-remember tips to ensure a safe celebration. This way, you’ll be left with nothing but to enjoy the Christmas festivities all the way!

To learn more about Uratex Monoblock, click here for details.

For any questions or concerns regarding our products and services, feel free to reach out to Ms. Sheila at any of the following: 0917 805 1698 (mobile), and (email).


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