Foam Manufacturer and Supplier - Uratex for Business
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Uratex Business Products

Leading Foam Manufacturer and Supplier in the Philippines

Uratex for Business is the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality foams in the local and international market for various businesses and industries such as furniture, bedding and automotive.

Choosing the right foam provider is essential for the success of businesses, and selecting the right foam type is essential in setting the quality of the products and services you can provide to your clients.

With over 50 years of manufacturing excellence, Uratex for Business has been producing a wide range of foam grades that businesses can select from. These various foam grades are produced from our state-of-the-art foaming plants and are formulated from a superior standard of raw materials, thus giving our clients the best quality that Uratex is known for, and the utmost value for their money.



1. Comfort Plus Beige Seat Cushion & Bedding
2. Permahard Yellow Orthopedic Mattress, Cushion & Furniture
3. Uratex Blue Bedding & Furniture
4. Foamatex Yellow; Blue Medium Hardness Seat Cushion & Bedding
5. Synthetic #1 Blue; White Seat Cushion
6. Synthetic #2 Blue; White Back Cushion and Low-end Furniture
7. Urethane White Packaging and Agricultural Filter
8. Permagray Gray Layered Furniture
9. Permapink Pink Pillow & Back Cushion Overlay
10. Softex White Pillow & Back Cushion Overlay


1. B-Foam Blue; White Layered Furniture
2. RGC Pink; Blue Seat Cushion and Foldable Mattress
3. Ogawa Pink; Blue Budget Pack
4. A-Foam Pink; Blue Low-Cost Arm Rest
5. Blue Foam Blue Seat cushion, Bed settees, and Bedding
6. Finetex #1 White Quilting
7. Finetex #2 White Quilting
8. Finetex #3 Blue Quilting


1. S-1 Pink; Blue Seat cushion and Fold-a-mat
2. S-2 Yellow; Blue Seat cushion and Fold-a-mat
3. S-3 Yellow; Blue Seat cushion and Fold-a-mat
4. S-4 Yellow; White Seat cushion and Low-end Furniture


1. Rebonded Std assorted Carpet, Automotive, Seat Cushion, and Mattress insert


1. EXA #1 Pink; Gray Anti-Static, Packaging
2. ELE #1 White Seat Cushion, Bedding, Packaging
3. ELE #2 White; Gray Medium Hardness Seat Cushion and Bedding, Packaging
4. EXH #1 Gray High Load PU, Packaging
5. UL20 Gray Appliances, Electronics Packaging
6. UL30 Gray Seat Cushion


1. PWS Cream Backrest and Armrest
2. CMHR-H Green Seat Cushion
3. CMHR-S Green Seat Cushion
4. Hypersoft White Soft PU Foam, a replacement for Fiberfill
5. XPT White Bedding and Furniture
6. Reticulated Medium Yellow Outdoor Furniture
7. Nuovoluxe 3000 Beige Back Cushion, Seat Cushion, Mattress, High-Resilient
8. Nuovoluxe 3500 Beige Firm Seat Cushion, Mattress, High-Resilient


1. D-12 White; Black Lamination
2. D-15 White Lamination
3. D-17 Black; White Lamination
4. D-20 White; Black Quilting
5. S-26 White; Black Garments

Contact one of our Uratex for Business representatives today and to know which type of foam grade is best for you.

Industries We Cater To

  • Automotive Seats
    Exceed your clients’ expectations by providing them with a combination of both style and comfort for their automotive seat upholstery. We specialize in high-quality foams that are intended for car interiors, motorbike seats, and more!
  • Bedding
    As a leading foam manufacturer, Uratex for Business caters to the local and global clientele for foam and OEM mattresses. We use state-of-the-art foaming machinery to produce standard and customized foam that is parallel to global standards.
  • Furniture
    Uratex for Business is the preferred supplier of reliable, durable, and custom foam products for furniture-makers and upholstery. Our furniture foam solutions are made to withstand the load and pressure of general furniture use.
  • Garments
    We provide garments for various industries including footwear manufacturers, padded clothing providers, and sofa and car upholstery services.
  • Insulation
    Uratex for Business is a certified supplier of liquid chemicals A and B, which are essential ingredients in the production of materials used in foam insulation, fishing vessels, and as gap fillers in rigid structures.
  • Packaging
    Our packaging foam solution assures the safety of fragile products while maintaining their quality during transport. Our packaging solution caters to the medical field, electronic industry, and other industries that require proper handling upon delivery.
  • Sponge
    We manufacture quality sponges equipped with high-density foam that is built for durability, excellent porosity feature, and anti-bacterial features to make the most out of personal hygiene and home care.

Get in touch with us today to learn which type of foam works best for you!