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We understand how every element is essential in building businesses.

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Affiliates and Certifications

Uratex for Business is a trusted brand of premier business accounts in the hotel and hospitality, automotive, restaurant, and catering industries, as well as known leaders in educational and health institutions.

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Institutional Partners

Uratex for Business serves as a key supplier to the country’s leading hotels, resorts, and other lifestyle properties.

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Our success comes from the unceasing trust and patronage of our valued clients, and they share with us their own success stories.

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One of the smart and cost-effective ways of keeping your facility up and running is by ensuring that it uses high quality materials--from supplies, furnishings, to corporate giveaways. Uratex has a wide range of products that cater to the needs of offices and corporations in different fields. These products, made for businesses and institutions all over the Philippines, offer the best quality, durability, and good value for money.

  • Corporate Giveaways

    Corporate Giveaways

    Having a corporate giveaway is one way of building a strong relationship with your client. Stand-out with these customizable corporate giveaways from Uratex.

  • Training Chair

    Training Chair

    The Uratex School and Training Chairs are ideal for seminar rooms, schools and universities, training, and exam centers. These high-quality chairs come in different types.

  • Lifestyle Chair Collection

    Lifestyle Chair Collection

    The Uratex Monoblock Lifestyle Collection is our latest plastic furniture innovation made from 100% virgin resin and produced through the use of plastic injection machines.

  • Classic Monoblock Chair

    Classic Monoblock Chair

    Uratex Monoblock Chairs offer durable, affordable, and convenient furniture. Ideal for everyday use, these chairs are stackable, and would make great additions to any rooms.

  • Acoustic Foam

    Acoustic Foam

    iSound Acoustic Foam is made to optimize sound performance in closed structures such as music studios and even larger venues to alleviate slap and flutter echo.

  • Gang Chair

    Gang Chair

    Ideal for waiting areas in offices and other facilities, Gang Chair is made of plastic bowl-shaped seat made of 100% virgin resin with either glass fiber or calcium for durability.

  • Foam Mattress

    Foam Mattress

    Achieve that goodnight rest or quick nap with the best Uratex Foam Mattress, the Mabuhay mattress. These all-foam mattresses are developed to promote healthy sleep.