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We understand how every element is essential in building businesses.

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Affiliates and Certifications

Uratex for Business is a trusted brand of premier business accounts in the hotel and hospitality, automotive, restaurant, and catering industries, as well as known leaders in educational and health institutions.

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Institutional Partners

Uratex for Business serves as a key supplier to the country’s leading hotels, resorts, and other lifestyle properties.

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Our success comes from the unceasing trust and patronage of our valued clients, and they share with us their own success stories.

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Hotels and Resorts

In line with the company’s pursuit of constantly exceeding its clientele’s expectations, Uratex has created a premium mattress collection for the hospitality industry. This exclusive selection features the best of the Uratex brand—elegant, luxurious, innovative and world-class sleep solutions for sophisticated clients who want only the finest for their own valued customers.

  • Hotel Mattress

    Hotel Mattress

    The Uratex Hotel Premium Collection provides the luxurious experience of expertly-made mattresses designed to offer the five-star feel and comfort that your guests will surely long for.

  • Hotel Pillow

    Hotel Pillow

    Complete your guests’ sleeping experience wih pillows that feature therapeutic and ergonomic support. Let Uratex Hotel Premium Collection Pillows offer that five-star feel.

  • Lifestyle Chair Collection

    Lifestyle Chair Collection

    The Uratex Monoblock Lifestyle Collection is our latest plastic furniture innovation made from 100% virgin resin and produced through the use of plastic injection machines.

  • Seat Cushion

    Seat Cushion

    Add comfort and beauty to the seats and lounges on your hotel or resort’s outdoor spaces by using durable accessories that endure exposure to the changing weather.

  • Acoustic Foam

    Acoustic Foam

    iSound Acoustic Foam is made to optimize sound performance in closed structures such as music studios and even larger venues to alleviate slap and flutter echo.

  • Mattress Accessories

    Mattress Accessories

    Provide an unforgettable sleeping environment for your guests by adding a little bit more of what you have to offer. Go extra with our Hotel Mattress Accessories.

  • Foam Portables and Classic Mattress

    Foam Portables and Classic Mattress

    The Uratex Foam Portables and Classic Mattress offers a great space-saving solutions for your accommodation or staff houses. Made of quality foam, it’s a great option for extra bed accessory.