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Rigid PU Foam Spray

The introduction of the Rigid PU Foam Spray into the market has made it even easier for some industries to provide quality service because of its wide range of applications. Its numerous properties packed into a spray container offers an advantage against other foam application techniques and come with an easy-to-apply method.


Uratex for Business is the leading Rigid PU Foam Spray supplier in the country, providing them for businesses in different industries to help them cater to their clients with quality products and services.

What is Rigid Polyurethane Foam used for?

Rigid polyurethane (PU) foam is achieved by combining chemicals commonly known as Component A and B, which react and harden rapidly when mixed and sprayed on a surface. There are various ways of rigid foam applications depending on the requirement. It can be poured in place, which involves mixing the chemicals either manually or by mechanical means and pouring in open molds or spaces where insulation is required. The mixture creates a foam and solidifies. If necessary, the solidified foam can be cut to the required size or shape. It can also be sprayed directly onto a solid surface using guns that mix and atomize the foam as it is being applied.


It is primarily used in the insulation industry because of its low density, high mechanical properties, and outstanding strength in thermal insulation. Some of the main industries that greatly benefit from rigid PU foam include:

  • Insulation
    Rigid polyurethane foam is used to reduce heating costs in new buildings and improve energy efficiency in older buildings by providing good insulation. Perhaps its best-known application, PU foam can be used for walls, floors, or roofs. Because of its flexible ability to be cut or shaped and to hold its required form, PU foam serves numerous purposes for construction, including pipework.
  • Housing & Construction
    Rigid polyurethane foam is also used in creating durable homes. By installing flexible foams that are made of lightweight materials, the cost of constructing the house is greatly reduced and the properties inside the foam that are installed in the different areas of the house are equipped with reflective plastic covering that is responsible for conserving energy by preventing the sun’s heat from entering the interior of the house.
  • Fishing Vessels
    One of the best commercially available choices of insulation material for fishing vessels is polyurethane foam. It has good thermal insulating properties, low moisture-vapor permeability, high resistance to water absorption, relatively high mechanical strength, and low density.In addition, it is relatively easy and economical to install. Spray foam insulation is the best method to insulate boats and maritime vessels. Whether it’s a commercial fishing boat or a private vessel, spray insulation can help. Insulation for marine vessels ensures the hold stays cold. It keeps ice from melting, and the fresh catch is stored properly and remains at the correct temperature.

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